When searching for my next favorite vegan restaurant, Google Reviews is the first place I check before I hop in the car. And the same can be said of my k-drama selections. Out of five stars, how many do you think this user rated the k-drama Crash Landing on You?

“Hands down one of the best kdrama I’ve ever seen. It’s special in [its] own kind and this drama is really close to my heart.”

-Aurora Nebula, Google Reviews

Shame on AnnaSophia Robb...it was five stars, which I wholeheartedly agree with ;)

Natural Language Processing, otherwise known as NLP, is a subfield of computer science that allows computers to understand human language. Do you use the suggested words above your keyboard when you’re texting? That’s thanks to NLP!

NLP is all around us: information extraction, sentiment analysis, machine translation (e.g. Google translate), spam detection, autofill, and chat bots to name a few.

This article will give a brief introduction to NLP and describe my process of building a text prediction program using an n-gram language model.

The human language is constantly evolving and has many nuances/ambiguities.

“The woman hit a man with…

The design process of user interaction and user experience (UI/UX), a fundamental role in any company’s marketing strategy, is often overlooked by many users, yet requires a myriad of user data and research to perfect- a truly hidden form of art. Google’s effective simplicity, Youtube’s geometric interactivity, even Instagram’s one-fingered ubiquity are unique UI experiences well-known to the modern internet user. This hidden layer of interaction between the user and the developer is required to effectively communicate ideas and information. At Allosense, we understand that the idea of sensors, asset trackers, and IoT (Internet of Things) is not common knowledge…

Jadesse Chan

I’m a third-year Computer Science major and Creative Writing minor at Rhodes College! To learn more, visit me at jadessechan.com

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